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B.Dry - The Absorbent Travel Bag

Finally, a travel accessory that will actually be used – and reused – again, and again, and again.

We’ve all heard the expression “there’s no use crying over spilled milk”, but a suitcase full of spilled wine, after a long commute, is definitely worth crying over. Our B.Dry Bags are the answer to this problem. With our wine-carrying wonder bags, beverages can now be transported from A to B without fear of that dreaded spillage.

The B.Dry Bag is a zip-sealed carrier that is lined with absorbent padding, so it cradles its delicate contents oh-so-gently. Made specifically with wine bottles in mind, in the event of breakage in transit, the Bag rapidly absorbs any liquids (up to 750ml in fact!), protecting luggage from damage and stains. So whether flying, driving or even hitch-hiking (which we wouldn’t recommend), a Thirsty Traveller can do so worry-free, thanks to this practical, inexpensive luggage companion.

What could B.Better?

We are a proud wholesale provider of these brilliant little bags, which being customisable are a perfect choice for corporate gifts or party favours (that – B.Realistic – people will actually like). 

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