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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be stored in a B.Dry wine bag?

These bags are designed to transport bottles of liquid, protecting the Thirsty Travellers’ luggage from leakage and stains, when traveling from A to B. B.Dry wine bag will also work for smaller containers such as perfume bottles, cosmetics and other toiletries. 

Where can I get these amazing bags from?

B.Dry wine bags are available for purchase wholesale for retailers to sell onto Thirsty Travellers browsing their stores. For details on how to place a wholesale order, get in touch. If you wanting to find out what retail store you can purchase these from then pop us an email with your location and we will let you know who your closest retailer is.

Is the B.Dry wine bag reusable and can you recycle it?

Yes! That’s just one of the things that makes this bag so flippen fantastic – it can be used and reused, again and again – and again! They can also be recycled once they have done their job or expired from wear & tear.

How is the B.Dry wine bag used – properly?

When used properly, the B.Dry wine bag protects what is inside of it and what is outside of it. Ideal for use when flying, driving – and even hitch-hiking – the bag prevents leakage in the event of damage during transit by absorbing up to 750ml of liquid. The material contains a super absorptive polymer that sucks up and seals in any liquid. This way, luggage stays clean and dry, even if the bottle of wine (or any other bottle of liquid) doesn’t make it to it’s destination unscathed.

Customers should inspect their B.Dry wine bag before they use it, keeping an eye out for weak spots or general wear and tear. The bag should not be used if the zip isn’t sealing properly or if the bag has any holes in it.

What if I receive a faulty B.Dry wine bag upon delivery?

If you receive a bag that is faulty, please get in touch with us within 48 hours after receipt thereof and we will replace it for you.

I have another question that isn’t answered here, what do I do?

We like to talk kak as much as the next guy – we’re South Africans, it’s what we do – but if it’s a question about an existential crisis, or if you’re wondering where to holiday next – we can’t help you.

If you’ve got any questions about B.Dry and our wonderful wine bags, hit us up and we’ll sort you out. Click here to get in touch.