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B.Dry Wine Bag

The B.Dry wine bag is the versatile, light-weight travel companion we’ve all been looking for. A zip-sealed carrier that is lined with absorbent padding – like a lekker hug from your favourite auntie.

In the event of breakage or leakage in transit, the Bag rapidly absorbs liquids (up to 750ml in fact!), protecting luggage from damage and stains. Made specifically for beverage bottles, the bag is ideal for transporting other liquids like perfume, cosmetics and toiletries as well.

In place of alternatives like bubble-wrap and sticky tape, our B.Dry bags are reusable – so use and reuse them to your heart’s content!

The B.Dry wine bag checks all the boxes: it’s lightweight, inexpensive, cushions, absorbs liquid, reusable and recyclable. Add to that the fact that its exterior is customisable, and – boytjie – you’ve got a stew going!

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